Who doesn’t love spring! The air smells fresh and alive; you can wear shorts for the first time, and you are finally able to do all that fantasizing about what a wicked summer you are going to have.

I hope my summer is full of music, friends, fun and accomplishments. A few of those dreams are already underway and you should come join me enjoy them! For Reals!

Last week I had the honour of playing for the latest “help change my city” event; fearfully and wonderfully made. HCMC a really cool young organization that beleive giving back is sexy and tries to make it a positive and fun experience. This event was to support and raise money for the battered woman’s support services; as well as showcase some local designers.

There was a bikini show so I knew spring was around the corner!


elle-ectric performing “that’s how love works” at the event

I love playing for fundraisers, seriously the reason I play music is to give back to people first and foremost, and that is such a great way to help do it.

Coming up… the very handsome and talented Bobby Graham and I will be playing at the railway club this Wednesday for the MID WEEK CRISIS! I am very excited, we are going to be playing with 2 other very talented bands that will make up for a full night of Wednesday night fun! Get ready for originals, some rock and roll ( Guns and Roses baby) and lots of head banging and heel stomping because that’s how we roll.


Bobby and elle-ectric prepping for an acoustic set.

Want to know about some more super cool awesome rock and roll events happening in the city? Well the progressive booking agency and music resource Airwaves Music has come up with a rock and roll way to bring indy bands and rock music back in to Vancouver with the raw edge it needs.

Starting May 5th, and happening every Saturday for 4 consecutive weeks after that they will be teaming up with Pilsner and Vancity Rocks to bring you the most bad ass battle of the bands yet…THE BATTLE IN THE EAST!

Like seriously, if you are going to see a rock band isn’t east Van the best place to do it?

So that is what my spring is looking like… I also really want to get one of those skirts that is long in the back and short in the front.. I think it should be called a mullet skirt don’t you.

See you soon!

– elle-ectric

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