So I was doing my daily browse looking for some cool Tattoo idea’s and general inspiration, when I stumbled upon this amazing artist and graphic designer Ashley Edwards.

Ashley is a graphic design student from the UK and I had unknowingly been “hearting” his sketches and collages for a while.

Once I stumbled upon Ashley’s lion head puking rainbows (featured below), I knew I had to check out the rest of his work. Great news! It’s was equally as cool as this crazy rad lion head thing.

Ashley’s art is edgy, creative and totally random, (probably the three key words I would use to describe awesome). I would love to own a piece of it and hang it in my future industrial style loft. Wouldn’t you?

Scroll down to check out more works from Ashley and don’t forget to peep his website.


Great work Ashley. Keep creating, and I an’t wait to visit your first exhibition.

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