Battle Cries Live from the Jam Space

I have always wanted one of those really fancy video’s live off the floor, but sadly I didn’t have an extra $700 to get one made professionally. Enter the band.

Using only what we already had we managed to make an epic video live off the floor, and here is how.


Cameras: We used 3 camera’s for this project each capturing a unique angle of one single take. 2 Cannon Rebels, and one Nikon.

Lights: Our drummer’s dad is a gear rep and hooked us up with 4 bright stage lights that changed colors as we played; my dad who was also helping with the filming used a light white light to add emphasis to the louder parts, by making it dim when we were quiet, and louder when we crescendoed.

Sound: We own an 8 channel interface, so we were able to capture a really nice sound by plugging in the bas, drums, 2 vocals, 2 drum mics and 2 overhead mics, later I was able to edit each track by raising or lowering the volume of each in logic and creating an mp3 to import and edit with in garage band.

Post Production: All editing of the movie was simply done in imovie, as I had to line the vocals up perfectly with he singing I simply would edit away one second at a time, listening to the sound on the live recording, and waiting until is synced up with the mp3 of the live download I had created.


Check out the final product here!


All that Junk

We all live two lives.

One – outward facing; the other – hidden and tucked away behind closed doors.

In our secret lives we are our authentic selves: True humans, flesh and bones, dust and dirt.

With the age of the internet we have all been given the chance to take our dull, dim lives and polish them up. We use these tools to saturate our perfections, and edit out our faults.

On this fans only blog I am sharing the whole story, my story, our story.

I call it Art Junk, and it features my old work and my process.

If you input your e-mail into the mailing list thing I send the link your way. I’m only sharing this blog with people who anonymously let me know they are interested in being exposed to total junk of the art.