As some of you may know I recently moved into a loft with Bobby (Boyfriend) and Mitten (fuzzy kitten monkey)

Now what you don’t know is that when we first moved in we were determined to make our picture perfect place into a magazine like dream loft.  Complete with minimalism and that trendy cold feel.

Well we did, our place looked dope, all our friends were jealous.  And we hated it. (The loft… the fact our friends were jealous was kinda rad…)

That’s right. Our place was to “fancy” for us!  It felt sort of cold and heartless, with no soul or feel.

One fine night we decided to bring art back into our life.  The easel and paints came back upstairs, candles and plants were invited in, Bob bought a dinosaur fossil head and we made an art wall.

It’s beautiful, and as the days pass we bring more and more art into our lives, and that, is what makes us happy.  Not the fancy stuff, the real stuff.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t give it all to get something fancy, because for me, and maybe for you, you’ll find that’s not the stuff that matters.  All that glitters is not gold.


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