I Listened to an interesting podcast today about why Marketing is ruining your music career; also picked up a few cool hints on how to get your music heard by the right people.

You can check out the full PODCAST LINK HERE OR read my coles notes blog post on all the best hints this Gem had to offer.

1- MUSIC HACK: Many songwriters use “LANDER”, a platform on CD baby that allows you to master your songs quickly and reasonably for those songs just wanna get done.. ALWAYS MASTER!

2- PLACEMENT TIP: Many songwriters will write tons of songs; use Lander to quickly master them and send them out to well known Artists to see if they want to perform them! This is a pretty awesome way to get out there.

3- PLACEMENT TIP: Put your music on Taxi Music, Music XRay -for passive publishing opportunities

4- PLACEMENT TIP: Become a part of an organization like Music BC or SOCAN and hit up meet and greets – I’m going to one on Saturday about how to find alternative funding!

5- PLACEMENT TIP: Find a small Synch Licensing company who will give you attention; or pound the pavement and go out and meet publishers face to face to get on albums. (or make sure your manager is ontop of it)

6- MARKETING TIP: The best form of marketing is STILL just having a great sound. AND having a great story. People will want to follow your story; and the best form of networking is still in person, getting to festivals and shaking hands.

7- MARKETING TIP: Don’t adopt every new platform that comes out; stick with what you know and keep constantly telling your story. If you don’t have a “story” then you are wasting your time, be authentic, stop trying to tweet so much, just write music, meet people and kick ass.

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